Auto Paint Fade – Why and How To Fix The Same?

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With time, you’ll find the paint on the body of your car fades. By fading, it doesn’t mean that the car will become white or colourless; rather, the shine and vibrancy of the paint might fade with time. Even the most durable types of paint can peel off, fade or wear down with time. If the paint fades off from the body of your car, fret not; take the same to professionals for car body repair in Sutton.

To know more about the reasons behind the auto paint fade and its solutions, read on.

4 Reasons That Cause Auto Paint To Fade

Without any fault from your end, the paint on the car’s body might tend to fade with time. The major reasons behind the same are as follows.

1. Sunlight Exposure
Constant exposure of the car to harmful UV rays begins to take a toll on the quality of the paint. These harmful UV rays can effectively reduce the particles in the paint and cause them to oxidise over time. Thus over the tenure of a long time, if the exposure continues, then you’ll find instances of discolouration and fading.

2. Road Salt Exposure
Generally, road salts are present on the roads, especially during winter. This helps to melt down the snow faster. However, exposure to road salt can be harmful to the auto body paint of the car. These salts have a corrosive agent present in the mixture, which can damage the paint of the car.

3. Bird Poop and Pee
Bird’s poop and pee might seem like a no trouble causing agent. However, in most cases, these two things contain high acid levels. Hence, if you don’t wash it properly within time, there’s a high chance that the paint might come off from the affected area. Thus taking special and quick care is essential.

4. Harsh Chemicals in Soaps
Improper washing methods can give rise to problems with car paint as well. Sometimes, you might unknowingly use abrasive chemical-based soaps to wash your car. Using the same for a very long time will ultimately damage the paint on the car’s body.

How Can You Fix The Fading Paint on Your Car’s Body?

Be careful while washing and cleaning the car. Don’t use chemical-based soaps. Ensure that you take the car to a professional garage to get the same service at least once a month. The professionals will restore the faded paint.

PP Coachworks has years of experience providing car servicing and car bodywork repairs. Check our website for further details.

4 Most Common Car Accident Damages in The UK

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As per recent research, there were 1,460 fatal casualties on Britain’s roads in 2020. In 2021, the number was 580 between January to June. This is quite shocking and terrifying. Car accidents are common in every part of this world. People make mistakes and face mild to severe accidents while driving. In some cases, even a parked car can get highly damaged due to terrible accidents.

As the owner of the car, it is normal to be worried about your car’s complete recovery after an accident. Often they try to find a reliable garage for accident repairs in Sutton.

However, there are different kinds of damages a car can experience after a road accident. You should be aware of these common types of car accident damages as a proud owner of the vehicle.

What Parts Can Get Easily Damaged in a Car Accident?

1. Headlights
They are probably the most sensitive parts of a vehicle. Headlights are one of the most common car body parts that get easily damaged due to collisions. They often get thrashed with other cars, railings, posts, trees, walls or other objects that leads to frequent damages. Headlights are made of rigid objects that make them easy to break during a collision.

2. Fenders
When your car goes through a sideway collision, the fenders will get offended seriously. The result can be mild to severe damage that needs complete treatment. Even in some cases, a hard front hit can cause damages to the fenders of your car. Often manoeuvring in small and tight spaces can cause fender damage too.

3. Bumpers
Car bumpers are damaged in more than 35% of car accidents. This is probably the first part of your car that faces the collision in a front hit. However, this can be reckless parking or hitting an obstacle during the drive that can cause damage to the bumpers.

4. Windshield
Cracks and chips on the windshield of your vehicle are common damage. Even it can happen to a parked car. In many cases, rocks or other hard objects are thrown in the air and hit your car’s windshield, which can break it or create severe cracks.

PP Coachworks is the right place for you to get the best service for all these car accident damages. We offer accident repairs for all types of cars in and around Sutton. Our garage has highly experienced and qualified technicians who can repair the damage with complete efficiency.

Please get in touch with us to know in detail about our car repairs.

Why You Should Remove Scratches from Your Car’s Body without Wasting Time

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Scratches on your car’s body are normal. It can happen to any vehicle at any point. Even if your car is inside the garage, it can have scratches because of the rough handling of the door or garage accessories. Accidents and collisions often cause nominal to severe scratches on your car. No matter what is the reason for those marks on your car’s body, you must not ignore them and try to get rid of them as soon as possible.

Whenever you take your car to the garage for complete car service, you will be offered dent and scratch repair by expert technicians.

Reasons to Repair Car Scratches as Soon as Possible

1. They Look Ugly
Scratches and dents on the car body look extremely unsightly. They will give your cars marks that you do not want to have at any cost. No matter how luxurious or expensive your vehicle is, if it has dings and dents, it will not look impressive or elegant. On the other hand, even a low-priced car without any dent and a well-maintained body look gorgeous.

2. Reduce the Value of Your Car
Unsightly dents and scratches always make your car look old and damaged. Hence, they lower the value of your car in the market of second-hand vehicles. Your potential buyers will never give you a good amount of money for a car that has unpleasant dents on it. Repair the car and remove those dings and dents to give your car a brand new look that easily attracts buyers.

3. Allow Rust to Form
Cosmetic scratches on a car’s body allow rust to form if you leave them unattended for a long period. The clear coat on your car’s paint is damaged, including the paint itself. This allows various natural elements like dust, dirt and water to seep through those damaged and open layers and sit easily on the metal body of the vehicle. Thus, the metal part of the car will gradually get rust which is dangerous for your vehicle’s body.

4. Repair the Scratches
Whenever you take your car for servicing in a garage, your mechanics will check it thoroughly. They notice the dents and repair them as soon as possible to reduce these risks mentioned above.

PP Coachworks offers full-body repair as a part of professional and reliable car servicing in Leatherhead. If you need to get a brand new and scratch-free look for your car, please contact our expert technicians.

Common Types Of Car Body Repair Services For Winter

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The harsh climatic conditions associated with winter can damage your car. It will become easier for you to spot the problems in your car and deal with those promptly if you know the common types of car body repairs you need during this season. Undertaking a few preventive measures will also minimise the chances of any damage. Knowing the common car body repairs you need will make it easier to choose the right garage offering the service.

Few Common Car Body Repairs Services You Can Choose From In Winter

1. Repaint
Though you don’t have to worry about the visual appeal of a car you have recently bought, it might fade over time. The quality and beauty of the paint on your vehicle might deteriorate due to extreme winter weather. Over time, snow, sleet, ice or freezing rain can damage the paint. You might notice that the paint is melting and falling off. Though you can minimise the amount of damage your vehicle has suffered during winter by parking it in a protected area or by covering it when parked outside, you can consider repainting it. Take your vehicle to a reputed autobody shop when you notice that the paint has suffered damage.

2. Rusting
Since high levels of moisture and salt characterise winter, the quality of car body paint might deteriorate due to rust. It is one of the most common enemies of the car body during winter. You might notice rust developing on the car’s autobody Calgary. You can minimise the chances of rust formation by washing your car regularly and storing it in a dry area. Once rust starts developing on your car’s body, you have to immediately take it to a reputable garage. Rust can worsen over time and damage your car’s paint drastically.

3. Car Body Repair And Replacement
You will be surprised to know that the number of accidents increases drastically during winter. You have to take your car to a reputed garage for Car Body Repair in Sutton sooner or later. Few types of repairs your car might require are major autobody repair and fender replacement. You have to be alert and extra cautious when facing winter roads. The faulty parts can become more hazardous during winter, so make sure you replace them without any delay.

Since you are now aware of all types of car body repair services you can choose from, it’s time you get in touch with experienced mechanics at PP Coachworks.

4 Common Car Servicing Mistakes You Should Avoid

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Car maintenance is not easy. Especially when you do not know any good garage around you, things can get worse. Many a time, car owners take the responsibility of car maintenance on their own. It is true that the regular maintenance of your vehicle can be done by you. But, for proper car servicing, you need expert help.

When you meet these experts, they will help you to notice the common car servicing mistakes that you have been making till now. These mistakes will reduce the efficiency and lifespan of the car. You should be aware of them and try to avoid them in future.

How to Keep Your Car in Its Best Form?

When it comes to maintaining the efficiency and safety of your car, there are Do’s and Don’ts that you must follow. Costly car maintenance mistakes will not only reduce the usual lifespan of your vehicle but increase the risk of having road accidents while driving or riding it.

1. Ignoring the Dashboard Warning
The job of the dashboard of your car is to notify you about the essential servicing that your car needs. When you ignore those signs, you are making a mistake. Follow the indicator lights and provide your vehicle with the necessary care and maintenance.

2. Skipping Scheduled Servicing
Every car manufacturer set a certain servicing routine for their products based on the model and make. When you buy a certain car, you should follow this maintenance routine guided by the manufacturer. When you skip the general car servicing schedule, you are ignoring the health of your car and increasing the risks of having accidents.

3. Ignoring Weird Engine Sounds
Suppose there are odd noises coming out of your engine while staring at the car or during the drive; you must not ignore the same. This can be a clear sign of critical engine failure. Take the car to the nearest car servicing store in Cheam for professional assistance.

4. Not Following Your Car Mechanic’s Advice
Professional car mechanics always provide valuable advice to their clients on how to maintain the vehicle for its best performance. If you ignore those advices, you are simply augmenting the risks of damages and accidents.

At PP Coachworks, we offer complete car servicing at competitive prices in and around Cheam. From common car body repairs to accident repairs – you can avail of our experts for different purposes. We provide fully insured services to meet the diverse needs of car servicing of our clients.

Please get in touch with us to know more about our services.

Why Should you Hire a Certified Car Collision Repair Company?

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Has your car been damaged beyond repair due to some serious accident? Fret not. Approach a certified collision repair expert, and you’ll be amazed at the wonders that they are capable of doing. When you sit down to research the same, you might find a lot of local garages offering car service in Leatherhead for accidental cases. However, collision experts are different from normal repair agents.

A certified collision expert will restore the lost glory of your car. They have the right tools and expertise to mend all types of damages, dents and scratches. Once they’re done, you will notice no trace of accidental damage on your car’s body. Thus, instead of taking the car to a novice servicing centre, search for a reputed and certified collision expert in your area.

4 Benefits of Hiring Collision Repair Experts

1. They provide original parts
A car that has undergone an accident might need the replacement of parts to get back on the road. Local car servicing garages will not be able to provide the original parts of the car. Hence, taking the car to a collision repairing expert will help you warranty the replaced parts. This will certainly give you peace of mind as you’ll know that original ones have replaced your car parts. The original parts will keep the car in running condition and make it durable.

2. They use specific tools
To repair a car after encountering an accident, the mechanic needs a specific set of tools. For instance, to retain the paint while removing dents and scratches needs special equipment pieces. If you approach a collision repair expert for the same, you can easily retain the car’s original look.

3. They have technical knowledge
Vehicles and models are being upgraded every month. Hence, for flawless repair results, you need to keep your knowledge updated. A reputed collision repair expert knows it all. A certified collision expert will always keep their knowledge up-to-date. Hence, they can easily mend the damages. If you take the car to a local garage, they might end up further damaging the same. You’ll be required to make a car purchase in such a case.

4. They can repair all models
Certified collision experts can repair all types of cars and their models. They have expert technicians who can do the work correctly. If you want your car restored to its original form, certified collision experts are the best choice.

At PP Coachworks, we have a separate accident repair centre where we mend all major and minor accidental damages to your car. Check our website for more details.


5 Benefits of Regular Car Servicing: Why Visit The Garage For Servicing

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Car servicing works like health check-ups. We all need to go to our physicians for health check-ups and analyses. This routine helps us to keep ourselves healthy, and we will be diagnosed with potential ailments. The same thing happens to our vehicles when we take them to expert car mechanics. These specialists will evaluate the car thoroughly to diagnose issues and ensure efficiency.

As per the experts of the automobile industry, regular and proper car servicing can reduce the risks of accidents and damages. You can need to find a reliable and reputable garage in Cheam for the best servicing of your vehicle. But, before that, let’s see what the benefits of professional garage services are.

How Car Servicing Helps You to Enjoy Better Driving Experience?

1. Improve Performance: Professional car mechanics will check your vehicle thoroughly. Every part of the car will be monitored to notice errors and issues. Whenever they find anything wrong, they will fix it to improve the overall performance of the vehicle.

2. Ensure Safety: Driving a car with flaws and potential risks can increase the chance of having road accidents. If the engine or brake of the car is not working rightly, but you are using them without giving the right treatment, chances are high to meet road accidents, injuries and damages. Regular servicing will ensure the safety of each part of the vehicle and eliminate potential hazards.

3. Increase the Value: A car with a regular and clear servicing record is always preferred by the buyers and dealers of used cars. If you wish to sell your car, you must have your garage reports attached to other vehicle documents. Buyers love to buy cars that are regularly serviced and kept well-maintained.

4. Increase the Lifespan: If you wish to increase the overall lifespan of your car, you cannot ignore car servicing. Vehicles that receive proper care live long and offer the highest level of efficiency. The opposite of this can be troublesome for the owner.

5. Feel Good: As the owner of a well-kept car, you can always feel relaxed about the condition of the vehicle. You know that it looks beautiful and have complete efficiency. The car always remains road-ready with correct servicing.

Find the Right Garage

To reap all the benefits of professional car servicing in Cheam, you must opt for certified and reliable garage service. These experts will check your car thoroughly, diagnose the problems and fix them as soon as possible.

Common Damages For Which You Need Car Body Repairs

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Various factors can lead to car body damage and you have to take your vehicle to a reputable garage in Sutton offering car body repairs. Though car accidents are considered the main cause of car body damage, there are many other reasons. The repair process and time required depends on the level of damage the car has sustained. Most of the garages let their customers choose from a wide variety of car body repairs. You can choose the right one if you know the type of damage the car has sustained.

3 Common Damages In The Car Body

1. Dents
Dents are generally of two types, massive craters or tiny bumps. If the panels have developed irreparable and deep dents, you have to replace them instead of repairing them. The mechanic will assess how severe the dent is before choosing between conventional and paintless dent repair. Most car owners prefer the latter as it does not impact the current coat of paint. Conventional dent repair, on the other hand, requires touching up and redoing the paint. Different tools are required for both the process.

2. Scratches
Ignoring the small scratches on your car body is a strict no-no as they can become complicated over time and lead to expensive repairs. Experienced mechanics at PP Coachworks have the skills and tools required to remove paint or light scratches from the car’s surface by friction. If it is a large scratch, you have to fill and paint the depression on the surface before sealing it. Choosing a reputable garage for car body repair in Sutton is always advisable as they can provide a seamless finish and match your car’s paint to the new coat.

3. Cracked Windshield
If your car has recently been involved in a road accident, small chips might occur on the windshield, or it might get completely shattered. Since they protect passengers from outside forces, you should repair damaged windshields as soon as possible. If the damage is severe, the mechanic will remove the damaged windshield from the pinch weld and replace it. If it has chipped or small cracks have developed, the mechanic will inject resin into the crack to prevent it from spreading any further and restore the windshield’s lost strength.

Since you are now aware of the common damages your car body might suffer, take it to a reputable garage like PP Coachworks.

Various Car Parts Checked While Servicing

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If you want to ensure your safety on the road, make sure that your vehicle is roadworthy and safe. Please take it to a reputable garage for car servicing at fixed intervals. The mechanic will check all the vital components or parts of your car to ensure that they are functioning properly and capable of keeping you and your family members safe. Driving a car whose condition is not fit can suddenly crash in the middle of the road. But before you start looking for a reputed company offering the service, know the car parts that are generally checked during the test.

Need Car Servicing In Ewell? Check The Vital Car Parts Stated Below

1. Wheels And Tyres
Every mechanic offering car servicing knows the importance of tyres and wheels. Inspecting them after every fixed interval will assure you that their condition, tread depth, security, size and type are fine. If you have started using the vehicles a few years ago, you should also check the working condition of the tyre pressure monitoring system.

2. Suspension And Steering
Inspecting the steering and suspension condition is also necessary to ensure that you can drive in comfort. The mechanic will check that the steering oil level, their condition, whether they are working correctly, whether the power steering pipes or hoses have corroded due to improper modifications or repairs in the past, and the steering lock mechanism is working properly.

3. Seatbelts
One of the most vital car accessories the mechanic will check when servicing your car are seatbelts. They should be in accordance with the vehicle you are using and in place. Not only should they be in good working condition but also attached securely and properly working. They will also check the warning lights on the dashboard to ensure that the airbags and seatbelt load limiters are fine.

4. Exhaust Emissions
How will the mechanic service your car depends on the type of fuel and its age. Various factors will be considered to ensure that it meets the exhaust emission rules. If you want to prevent any damage to your vehicle during car servicing in Ewell, maintain its condition throughout the year and undergo an MOT test when the engine is fully warmed up.

Since you now know all the vital car parts inspected during car servicing, it’s time you get in touch with the experienced mechanics at PP Coachworks. All their mechanics have years of experience in servicing cars of various makes and models.

Why Does Your Car Jerk While Accelerating?

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If you notice your car jerking while accelerating, then this is probably a problem that you should never ignore. This is a sign that your vehicle is developing some problem that needs to be solved. The more time you take to solve the problem, the more expenses are piled up against your car. Moreover, continuous jerking can be a real problem when you drive a car. Thus, the moment you start facing this problem, take it to the professionals for car servicing in Ewell.

Five Common Reasons Behind Car Jerks

1. Dirt in The Air Filters

Continuous car running through dusty or rugged roads can fill the car filters up with unnecessary dirt and dust. Thus, if the same gets clogged, the car will stutter as soon as you try to start the engine. Thus, the jerking will be caused eventually. In such a case, either you need to replace the air filters or get the same cleaned at the earliest.

2. Damaged Cylinders

When the cylinders are damaged beyond repair, then the same causes car to jerk whenever it is accelerating. When the cylinders are damaged, they stop working and until you get them repaired, you have to bear with the sudden jerks of your car.

3. Damaged Spark Plugs

Spark plugs tend to wear down with time as the car moves rapidly at high speed. Thus, the spark plugs need to be replaced readily after the same gets damaged because the car gets power supply from the spark plugs. Thus, this leads to the sudden jerks in the car while accelerating the same. Worn out spark plugs are thus a big factor that gives rise to such jerks and makes driving difficult.

4. Problems in Carburetors

Carburetors play an important role in a car. They are responsible for supplying air and fuel to the engine and hence if the same gets damaged, the car’s engine might stop functioning properly. This, in turn, reduces the flow of the fuel and the car tends to have jerks.

5. Damaged Cables

There are a special set of acceleration cables in a car that works at the time of acceleration. Hence if the same is damaged, then you’ll find the jerks in your car while starting the engine. When these cables become damaged, it becomes difficult for your car to push too much. It suffers pressure that results in jerks.

With the efficient team of PP Coachworks, you can easily get back onto the roads now. We mend all types of car problems within the blink of an eye. Bring your car to us and get back to its original state.