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With time, you’ll find the paint on the body of your car fades. By fading, it doesn’t mean that the car will become white or colourless; rather, the shine and vibrancy of the paint might fade with time. Even the most durable types of paint can peel off, fade or wear down with time. If the paint fades off from the body of your car, fret not; take the same to professionals for car body repair in Sutton.

To know more about the reasons behind the auto paint fade and its solutions, read on.

4 Reasons That Cause Auto Paint To Fade

Without any fault from your end, the paint on the car’s body might tend to fade with time. The major reasons behind the same are as follows.

1. Sunlight Exposure
Constant exposure of the car to harmful UV rays begins to take a toll on the quality of the paint. These harmful UV rays can effectively reduce the particles in the paint and cause them to oxidise over time. Thus over the tenure of a long time, if the exposure continues, then you’ll find instances of discolouration and fading.

2. Road Salt Exposure
Generally, road salts are present on the roads, especially during winter. This helps to melt down the snow faster. However, exposure to road salt can be harmful to the auto body paint of the car. These salts have a corrosive agent present in the mixture, which can damage the paint of the car.

3. Bird Poop and Pee
Bird’s poop and pee might seem like a no trouble causing agent. However, in most cases, these two things contain high acid levels. Hence, if you don’t wash it properly within time, there’s a high chance that the paint might come off from the affected area. Thus taking special and quick care is essential.

4. Harsh Chemicals in Soaps
Improper washing methods can give rise to problems with car paint as well. Sometimes, you might unknowingly use abrasive chemical-based soaps to wash your car. Using the same for a very long time will ultimately damage the paint on the car’s body.

How Can You Fix The Fading Paint on Your Car’s Body?

Be careful while washing and cleaning the car. Don’t use chemical-based soaps. Ensure that you take the car to a professional garage to get the same service at least once a month. The professionals will restore the faded paint.

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