Various Car Parts Checked While Servicing

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If you want to ensure your safety on the road, make sure that your vehicle is roadworthy and safe. Please take it to a reputable garage for car servicing at fixed intervals. The mechanic will check all the vital components or parts of your car to ensure that they are functioning properly and capable of keeping you and your family members safe. Driving a car whose condition is not fit can suddenly crash in the middle of the road. But before you start looking for a reputed company offering the service, know the car parts that are generally checked during the test.

Need Car Servicing In Ewell? Check The Vital Car Parts Stated Below

1. Wheels And Tyres
Every mechanic offering car servicing knows the importance of tyres and wheels. Inspecting them after every fixed interval will assure you that their condition, tread depth, security, size and type are fine. If you have started using the vehicles a few years ago, you should also check the working condition of the tyre pressure monitoring system.

2. Suspension And Steering
Inspecting the steering and suspension condition is also necessary to ensure that you can drive in comfort. The mechanic will check that the steering oil level, their condition, whether they are working correctly, whether the power steering pipes or hoses have corroded due to improper modifications or repairs in the past, and the steering lock mechanism is working properly.

3. Seatbelts
One of the most vital car accessories the mechanic will check when servicing your car are seatbelts. They should be in accordance with the vehicle you are using and in place. Not only should they be in good working condition but also attached securely and properly working. They will also check the warning lights on the dashboard to ensure that the airbags and seatbelt load limiters are fine.

4. Exhaust Emissions
How will the mechanic service your car depends on the type of fuel and its age. Various factors will be considered to ensure that it meets the exhaust emission rules. If you want to prevent any damage to your vehicle during car servicing in Ewell, maintain its condition throughout the year and undergo an MOT test when the engine is fully warmed up.

Since you now know all the vital car parts inspected during car servicing, it’s time you get in touch with the experienced mechanics at PP Coachworks. All their mechanics have years of experience in servicing cars of various makes and models.

Got Your Car Serviced in Ewell? Few Things To Check

car servicing in ewell

You can rest assured that the performance of your expensive car will remain high throughout the year if you can choose the right company for car servicing. A reputed garage has experienced car mechanics who check the make and model of your car before suggesting the type of servicing it needs.

Even if you have a tight budget, don’t try a DIY with some basic knowledge about the various car parts. Unless you can adequately address your car’s maintenance requirements, it can harm the durability of your vehicle. You should also check a few things when they hand over your car after servicing.

Few Things To Check After Car Servicing in Ewell

1. Job Sheet

Irrespective of the garage you have approached for car servicing, preparing a job sheet is standard practice. It helps the service advisor and mechanic to communicate among themselves when servicing your car. If you have pointed out few faults when giving your car for servicing, make sure you include them in the job sheet. Check your car and the sheet after it has been serviced. You can have better peace of mind if you ensure that all the issues have been addressed and the repairs are done.

2. Brake Fluid

You can ask the mechanic to change the engine coolant and brake fluid during car servicing in Ewell as they lose their properties over time. You will know the right time to refill or replace the brake fluid by checking the car manufacturer’s recommendation. You will know that it is done if the mechanics change it before you. You can wait in the garage during car servicing. Otherwise, you can get in touch with the mechanics at PP Coachworks as their focus is always on maintaining their reputation.

3. Oil

An integral part of every car is the engine and if you want to enjoy a smooth driving experience, make sure it is working correctly. The best time to change the engine oil and filter is during car servicing. Though the transmission doesn’t have a filter, the mechanic should change the oil. Experienced mechanics know the right time to change the engine and transmission oil. An easy way to ensure that they have changed the oil during car servicing is by observing its colour. New oil is clean and lighter.

Check the few points stated above after getting your car serviced in Ewell and you can have better peace of mind.