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Car maintenance is not easy. Especially when you do not know any good garage around you, things can get worse. Many a time, car owners take the responsibility of car maintenance on their own. It is true that the regular maintenance of your vehicle can be done by you. But, for proper car servicing, you need expert help.

When you meet these experts, they will help you to notice the common car servicing mistakes that you have been making till now. These mistakes will reduce the efficiency and lifespan of the car. You should be aware of them and try to avoid them in future.

How to Keep Your Car in Its Best Form?

When it comes to maintaining the efficiency and safety of your car, there are Do’s and Don’ts that you must follow. Costly car maintenance mistakes will not only reduce the usual lifespan of your vehicle but increase the risk of having road accidents while driving or riding it.

1. Ignoring the Dashboard Warning
The job of the dashboard of your car is to notify you about the essential servicing that your car needs. When you ignore those signs, you are making a mistake. Follow the indicator lights and provide your vehicle with the necessary care and maintenance.

2. Skipping Scheduled Servicing
Every car manufacturer set a certain servicing routine for their products based on the model and make. When you buy a certain car, you should follow this maintenance routine guided by the manufacturer. When you skip the general car servicing schedule, you are ignoring the health of your car and increasing the risks of having accidents.

3. Ignoring Weird Engine Sounds
Suppose there are odd noises coming out of your engine while staring at the car or during the drive; you must not ignore the same. This can be a clear sign of critical engine failure. Take the car to the nearest car servicing store in Cheam for professional assistance.

4. Not Following Your Car Mechanic’s Advice
Professional car mechanics always provide valuable advice to their clients on how to maintain the vehicle for its best performance. If you ignore those advices, you are simply augmenting the risks of damages and accidents.

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