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Hail is a natural phenomenon that can occur anytime unexpectedly. While it is difficult to stop a hail storm, it is also impossible to avoid. Hail affects the roofs of the house, the trees and everything that comes in the way of hail. Thus you must get a protective cover against hail. A car left exposed on the streets is the most vulnerable and prone to hail damage in the long run. Hence, if you have a car, ensure that you take proper care of the same. Use a protective layer of cover to protect the car’s body. If you face any difficulty or find any damage, then make sure that you go to the garage for car body repairs in Epsom.

What is a Hail Car Cover?

This protective cover is designed to limit the damage of the hailstorm on the body of the car. You can easily get the cover in any garage and apply the same over the car to protect the same from adverse weather conditions. Once you’ve placed the same effect, it will safeguard the car’s body. If the cover is not applied, there’s a high chance that the hail striking the car’s body will make dents and scratches on the same.

What are The Hail Protection Car Cover Options Available?

1. Car umbrella tent
This is made of heavy-duty fibreglass, which can withstand the pressure of winds. They can be installed easily and come in handy with anti-theft technology. These are popularly found for professional hair protection covers on cars. However, an umbrella tent can’t cover the whole car. Hence pair it with another cover so that the tent successfully covers the car.

2. Weatherproof cover
A weatherproof car cover is more durable than other car covers. Unlike the umbrella tent, if you use these weatherproof covers, you’ll get complete car body protection from all weather conditions. They are thus ideal for those who own a car and cannot put the same inside a garage cover.

3. Inflatable cover
If you’re using an inflatable car cover, then you can keep the car inside a bubble. The cover uses fans to keep the air moving in the cover and keep the bubble that surrounds the car. If you keep the cover fans running, the protective cover around the car will remain intact.

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