Take Your Car for Servicing if You Spot these 4 Battery Issues

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The battery is one of the important pieces of equipment that powers your car. It provides the necessary electrical charge to activate the other crucial electrical components of a vehicle. However, there are times when you will spot some issues with the battery.

When to Take Your Car for Servicing?

Before the issues affect your vehicle completely, you will witness some definitive signs. Consider these as an indication of a dysfunctional car battery. In situations like these, you will have to communicate with your preferred source for car servicing in Cheam.

Common Signs of Car Battery Issues:

There are some definitive signs of car battery issues that you may observe. These are discussed in detail in this blog.

  • Lighting Issues: Dim headlights and sudden red light alerts on the dashboard are two common signs of battery issues. No matter how you drive, you won’t find the headlights operating at their full might. These issues are generally caused due to a worn-out and weakened battery. Do not ignore the signs; take to your regular mechanic for servicing as soon as you observe the caution lights.
  • Odour: To identify this sign, you have to remember the basic chemistry lessons from your school. The car batteries contain sulphuric acid, a characteristic smell of rotten eggs. You should remain highly alert when you experience a similar smell during a drive. Sulphuric acid is highly corrosive and can wear out the important components of your car. If you smell any odour, do not delay in replacing the battery.
  • Unable to Start the Car: It is one of the primary signs that your car battery is on the brink of damage. No matter how much you turn your keys on, you will be unable to turn on the ignition. This battery issue happens due to years of usage without proper maintenance. Take your car for servicing as soon as you hear a clicking sound while starting it.
  • Issues in Cold Weather: In areas of severe coldness, the drivers need to remain extra alert about their car’s health and battery. The battery can freeze, resulting in a slowing down of chemical reactions. In the long run, the performance of the car will be affected. It is advisable to check the car battery frequently in the winter months.

These are some signs of car battery issues that you should be aware of. Take it to a well-known source for proper care. Communicate with PP Coachworks, a premier name for car servicing in Cheam. With our help, you can take great care of your valued possession. For more details, visit our website today.

4 Car Components That Need Regular Inspection and Maintenance

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Optimising the performance of your vehicle is always a top priority. Whether you are a car enthusiast or just a vehicle owner who uses their car regularly, regular car servicing and maintenance should always be a key consideration. By hiring a top-rated car service in Leatherhead, you can identify your vehicle’s performance issues from time to time and resolve them. It will help you ensure a safe, smooth and comfortable riding experience.

Following are some crucial car components that require regular maintenance for proper vehicle functioning.

1. Engine

The engine is referred to as the heart of the vehicle and requires thorough check-up regularly. Most vehicles have gasoline-fuelled internal combustion engines. And the engine’s size is crucial to a vehicle’s overall power. Some other factors like combustion timing and transmission also determine the vehicle’s performance.

2. Tyres

Without the right tyres, enjoying a smooth riding experience is impossible. You always need to ensure that they are properly inflated and well-aligned. As they are the only part of a vehicle that touches the road, you must ensure they are always good in shape. Also, you should check whether the air pressure is as per the manual provided by the manufacturer. Checking these little things will help you drive smoothly.

3. Brakes

Brakes are one of the essential safety features of a vehicle. Monitoring them from time to time will help you figure out whether it’s time for you to replace the rotors or brake pads. You might get some alarming signs indicating that you must consider repair or maintenance services for your vehicle. Some such signs are poor responsiveness, vibrations, the car pulling to one side, screeching and/or grinding sounds, and more.

4. Battery

Ever heard of a vehicle functioning with a dead battery? It’s simply impossible. This car component usually doesn’t give any warning signs before completely draining out. Hence, you should get it inspected regularly by experts to ensure its proper functioning. Usually, malfunctioning electrical components such as blinking of the battery light on the dashboard or the engine taking a longer time to start will indicate that you should get your car’s battery checked by an expert technician.

5. Final thoughts

These four parts are elemental components of a vehicle, and their performance mustn’t be overlooked at any point of time. Make sure to call for a skilled and trained technician who has worked on different types of vehicles and will offer you the right service.

PP Coachworks has consistently offered a vast range of professional bodywork repairs and accidental car repair services for different types of vehicles. With a highly experienced team, we are here to offer complete support for any assistance in vehicle maintenance. Contact our experts for more.

4 Important Questions to Ask Your Car Mechanic Before Car Servicing

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Car servicing is a normal process. You cannot skip it if you are really concerned about the safety of your vehicle and yourself. Apart from scheduling yearly servicing, sometimes your vehicle may need emergency service after collisions or damages.

No matter why you need to take your car to a certified car mechanic in Ewell, it is necessary to ask him some basic questions to understand his credibility as an automobile expert.

In this blog, we will discuss five crucial questions that every car owner must ask their car mechanic before servicing.

1. Do You Have Experience Working with My Make and Model of Car?

Some car repair centres specialise in a particular type of make and model of cars. They do not deal with other brands. When choosing a car servicing facility for your car, ask them if they have worked on your make and model of car before this. It is always advisable to take your car to a garage that has experts who are familiar with the brand and have vast experience in handling this particular model.

2. Do You Provide Fully Insured Services?

Car servicing is one of those fields where insurance coverage is a must. You should never forget to ask your potential car mechanic about the insurance policies they offer to their clients. A professional and certified garage always delivers fully insured services to keep things transparent and make their clients happy.

3. Is There Any Specific Service that Your Are Specialised in?

Some garages are good at MOT; some specialise in car body repair. When you choose a service centre for your vehicle with a specific aim, you must ensure that the place and its experts will be able to provide you with that particular service.

4. Can I Get a Free Quote from You before I Take My Car to Your Place?

Every professional car servicing shop offers free quotes or estimates of the repairing service to their clients even before starting the job. This estimate must be offered for free. You can collect estimates from several garages and compare them to get something budget-friendly.

At PP Coachworks, we provide fully insured services for car servicing and maintenance. Our experts are specialists in car body repairs. You can get in touch with us to obtain free quotes. We are known for offering genuine and efficient services at competitive prices. Our experts examine and diagnose the issues right to offer you the best solutions.