Common Types of Car Body Repairs – What Services You Can Obtain

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When a garage claim to offer car body repairs in Leatherhead, you should know exactly what types of services they provide to their clients. The body of your car needs equal attention and care like the inner parts of the same. The experts of car body repairs take special care of the body of the vehicle and ensure its flawless appearance.

There are different reasons for which the body of the car may get damaged. It can be the hailstorm, accident, age or any other reason which may make the body of the car look dull and unsightly. You need to repair it to give your car a brand new look.

Let’s see what the common types of car body repairs are.

1. Dent Repair

This is one of the most common types of body repair job for which you need to go to the mechanics. Dent is a common problem for every car. It can be an accident or a hailstorm for which your car may have dents on its body. You need to remove it as soon as possible. There are different methods that can be applied to fix the dent. Apart from paintless dent repair, there are techniques where body filter putty is used to fix the dent. Apart from that, there are other options where tools are used. In such cases, repainting is necessary after fixing the dent.

2. Replacement of the Body Panel

If there are several dents and damages on the car body, the simplest way is to replace the complete body panel. This may include a bumper replacement, door replacement, fender replacement, trunk lid replacement hood replacement, and other body panel replacement.

3. Auto Painting for Colour Match

If your car’s body seems discoloured due to the regular wear and tear or the age, then you need to repaint some of the parts of the same to match the colour. In case the body of the car has damage in certain areas, then also you can have auto painting for colour matching to get a refreshed look.

4. PDR

In several cases, the car may need paintless dent repair. If the accident cause dents on the body of your car but the paint is still intact, then you just need to fix the dent and do not need to repaint the car. In such cases, the experts will suggest you for PDR or paintless dent repair.

5. Frame Repair

The frame damage is a common issue after every car accident. The frame of the car gets the maximum damage due to accidents, and you need to fix it. The frame of the car supports the engine as well as the other major automobile components. Hence, it is required to keep the frame in proper shape and position.

When you bring your car to PP Coachworks for car body repairs, we provide you with complete support at a competitive price. Give us a call to fulfil all your requirements.

Know Why Immediate Accident Repair Services Are So Important

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Have you ever noticed cars on the road with damaged hoods, fenders or side panels? It generally occurs if the vehicle has been involved in an accident and the owner failed to take it to a garage offering accident repair services. Even a minor scratch or dent can have a negative impact on the appeal and value of your car. If you ever feel that your car needs bodywork repair, take it to a garage immediately. The importance of immediate auto body repair services can never be ignored.

4 Benefits Offered By Immediate Auto Repairs In Epsom

1. Ensure Your Safety

Even a minor collision can impact the structural integrity of your car. There are even high chances for the critical safety components of your car to get damaged, like the airbags. If you want to ensure your safety, take your car to a reputed garage for full inspection if it has been involved in an accident. Mechanics offering accident repairs in Epsom will let your know the car parts which require repair and the ones which require replacement.

2. Prevent Further Damages

It is not just about the dents and scratches on your car body, a collision might also impact your car’s transmission, steering, brakes or exhaust system. Since some of the damages might not be visible to you, visit a garage for immediate accident repair services if you want to avoid any further damages. The mechanic will conduct a thorough inspection of your car to identify all the hidden damages.

3. Maintain Your Car’s Value

There are high chances for the resale value of your car to deteriorate drastically if it has been involved in an accident. The easiest way you can retain some of its value is by repairing the damages immediately. It is your responsibility to retain the value of your car even if you are not planning to sell it immediately.

3. Keep Your Car In A Working Condition

Your car might stop working if it has been involved in an accident recently. For car owners, moving around the town without their cars is indeed a challenge. You can overcome this struggle by scheduling the repair work immediately by visiting PP Coachworks. The sooner you take your car for repair after an accident, the sooner you can bring it back on the road.

Since there are so many benefits of immediate auto repairs, make sure you take your car to a reputed garage without any delay.

Common Car Parts Generally Replaced During Car Servicing

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The process how modern cars are designed and manufactured has become quite advanced nowadays. The focus of the manufacturers is on making your cars stay longer on the road. Gone are the days when you had to replace your cars frequently. Now there are numerous garages scattered all over Ewell where you can take your car for servicing and repair. The mechanic will perform some basic maintenance work to ensure that your vehicle is running smoothly and safely.

Servicing Your Car? Few Car Parts You Might Have To Replace


If you think that changing your car oil after every 3 to 6 months or after your car has run 3000 to 5000 miles is sufficient, it’s high time you debunk the myth. Just like the oil, your oil filter also requires replacement at fixed intervals. Oil is responsible for lubricating the vehicle’s engine and absorb excess heat, while the oil filter helps in removing dust and debris from the oil. The objective is to prevent the contaminants from reaching the engine and damaging it.

Wiper Blades

You can ensure the safety of drivers by helping them get a clear view of the road ahead irrespective of the time of the day. A clear view becomes more necessary during inclement weather. Professionals offering car servicing in Ewell generally advise car owners to change the windshield wipers after every six months. The objective is to make your car ready to handle the various elements of Mother Nature. Damaged wipers can compromise your safety while driving so make sure you replace it during car body repairs in Ewell.


The importance of your car battery can never be neglected. Whether you own an expensive SUV or a sporty sedan, inspect the battery at a fixed interval to ensure that it can power your car down the road. Two primary tasks of the battery are to power the electrical system of your car and help in the ignition process. Generally, they last for around 3 to 5 years but it is dependent on your driving habits. One of the common signs indicating that you have to replace the battery is when you notice that it is taking a long time for your car to start than it generally does.

Spark Plugs

If you want your car to run at peak condition for a more extended period, take it to a reputed garage like PP Coachworks at fixed intervals for servicing. They will inspect all the vital car parts, including the spark plugs. Once they become fouled or damaged, few issues which might crop up are slow acceleration, poor gas mileage and trouble starting your car engine. If you are using a modern car, you can expect them to last for around 80000 to 100000 miles.

Since you are now aware of the common car parts generally replaced during car servicing, it’s time you take to your vehicle to a reputed garage.