Did Your Car Encounter a Collision? 3 Issues You Might Face

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Though drivers are generally aware of the rules and safety measures they need to follow while on road, sometimes collisions become inevitable. You will be surprised to know that the majority of accidents happen due to human errors. Few of the common reasons leading to road accidents are drunken driving, over speeding, red light jumping and distraction to drivers. The direct consequences of accidents are injury, fatality or property damage. Even if your car has not encountered a severe collision, it is your responsibility to pay attention to the adverse side effects. The objective is to keep yourself and people around safe and prevent any severe damage to your vehicle.

Few Issues You Might Have to Face If Your Car Encounters A Collision

1. The Inertia Switch Is Tripping Often

It is quite common to see that the engine has stopped working once your car gets involved in a road accident. Instead of assuming that it has occurred due to a damaged transmission, take it to a reputable garage providing accident repairs in Epsom. Their technicians have years of experience in the industry. They know that a car generally fails to start after a road accident because the inertial switch trip has stopped providing power to your car’s fuel pump. You will be able to start the car normally if your car doesn’t have the inertial switch trip.

2. Damaged Headlight Or Taillight

It is quite common for the headlight or taillight of your car to get damaged after a collision. There might be disconnected wiring, broken lights or lens damage. Whatever is the issue, you have to take your vehicle to a reputable car repair shop like PP Coachworks. Their technicians will assess the issue and let you know whether you have to replace the damaged headlight or taillight. If the lens is damaged or there is a disconnected wiring, a quick repair will be sufficient.

3. Cosmetic Damage

Inspect your car minutely after a road accident and if you notice scraped bumpers, dings or paint scratcheson its body, it is an indication that it needs cosmetic repair services. Though these damages don’t have any impact on the function or structure of your vehicle, they might reduce the visual appeal of your car. Since cosmetic damage is a very common side effect of a crash, take your car to a repair shop at the earliest.

If your car ever encounters a collision, take it to a reputable garage like PP Coachworks in Epsom for immediate accident repair services.

Don’t Delay Car Body Repairs If You Want Your Vehicle To Last Longer

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If you think that the only objective of applying a new coat of paint on your car is to improve its appearance, it’s high time you debunk the myth. The paint is considered to be a protector of your expensive vehicle. Though every car owner tries their level best to minimise the chances of getting their cars scratched or dented, it is something you can never avoid. There are even a few reckless drivers who require frequent accident repair services.

Even a minor ding, scratch or dent on the surface of your car can ruin its appeal. You will be surprised to know that delaying the repairs can make the issues more complicated and put your car at risk. Instead of trying to fix the damage yourself, get in touch with PP Coachworks for professional accident repair services.

Protect Your Car With A Fresh Coat Of Paint

Even if your complete focus is on choosing the right colour when painting your car, make sure you consider its quality as well. The exterior paint keeps the vehicle protected from external elements and chemicals it is exposed to almost every day. When you choose quality paint for your car, you don’t have to worry about the snow, sun, rain, dust, gravel and dirt.

A scrap or dent will not only remove the paint from the exterior of your car but the metal below also becomes vulnerable to rust. If you ever notice that your car paint is chipping or peeling away, it’s time to take it to a reputed car technician for professional car body repair.

Prevent Your Car From Rusting

One of the biggest issues you might have to face if you delay accident repairs in Leatherhead is rust. Fixing it is more challenging than dealing with scraped paint. The more you wait to fix the scrap or dent; your car will become more prone to rusting. There are a few situations when the rust spread to other parts of your car instead of staying isolated in one area. They tend to spread in the regions which are not visible. This can even cause structural damage to your car.

Since you now know why repairing the dents and scratches in your car is more important than you think, it’s time you start looking for a reputable company offering accident repair services.

Know The Common Car Parts Generally Damaged In A Road Accident

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Though every car owner tries their level best to avoid an accident on the road, car accidents are inevitable. Nowadays, they have become a common part of our daily life. Irrespective of your car being involved in a minor or major road accident, taking it for accident repairs is a must. The technicians at the garage will assess the condition of your car and let you know the type of repair service it needs. They are also aware of the car parts which are generally affected during a road accident.

5 Common Car Parts Damaged In A Road Accident

1. Front Bumper

If your car has got involved in a road accident while travelling forward, there are high chances that the front bumper will receive the most impact. It is not only about a collision, the bumpers can also get damaged because of scrapes, inattentiveness and other types of accidental damage.

2. Fenders

One of the primary reasons why people confuse between bumpers and fenders is because they serve similar functions in spite of being different car parts. The fender forms the wheel’s frame and minimises damage to the tyres. The function and position of the fender make them more prone to breakage and damage during a collision on the side of your car.

3. Grilles

The grille is located right above the bumper. It is specially designed to stand up so that air can flow into the engine. If your car ever gets involved in a front-facing accident, the car repair experts at PP Coachworks will assess the condition of the grille. It is important to replace damaged grilles immediately so that air can keep flowing into the engine.

4. Headlights

One of the primary reasons why your car’s headlights can easily get damaged during a collision is because they are made using glass and plastic. Even if it is a minor collision, both the headlights and taillights can get damaged. You can even replace them without punching a hole in your pocket.

5. Air Bags And Air Conditioners

If it was a major collision, there are chances of internal damages as well. Few of the common front-facing parts of your car which can get damaged are heaters, air conditioners and airbags. Professionals offering accident repairs in Epsom will check and replace these components after a moderate or severe collision.

These being said, you are now aware of the common car parts damaged in a road accident.

Fix Your Car After An Accident In 3 Easy Steps

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Fixing a car after an accident becomes quite challenging for car owners as they don’t know from where they can start. You have to handle the property damage claim properly so that the insurance company can’t take advantage of your situation. Some of the car owners are not even aware of the right procedure to make the insurance claim and get their cars fixed. Even if there is minor damage in your car, get in touch with mechanics offering accident repairs instead of trying a DIY.

Want To Fix Your Car After An Accident? Few Steps To Follow

1. Decide Whether To Repair Or Replace

Every time your car gets involved in a road accident, you have to decide whether you should repair or replace the damaged parts. Let the mechanic assess how severe the problem is and they will let you know whether repairing or replacing it will be more cost-effective. They might also suggest you to ignore the cosmetic damage if it is a minor one and is not bothering you. One of the primary disadvantages of replacing the faulty parts is that the insurance company might exclude the portion from any future repair.

2. Choose The Right Shop For Accident Repairs

Though every company will claim to provide the best accident repair services, it is your responsibility to ensure that the one you are approaching is indeed reliable. Before you choose the auto repair shop suggested by your insurance company, do some research online. These shops are familiar with the way how insurance companies do business and try to keep the costs low. Look for a reputed company with years of industry presence. Obtain bids from a few auto repair shops and choose one offering accident repairs in Leatherhead at competitive prices.

3. Negotiate The Price

Though reputable car repair shops like PP Coachworks offer accident repairs at competitive prices, there are a few companies who quote a huge amount. Instead of accepting their offer blindly, ask them to provide a breakdown of the amount quoted by them. You can also do some negotiations and make a deal agreed by both sides. It is not a wise idea to repair your car if it has extremely low mileage.

Even if the car is still drivable after the damage, follow the steps stated above and take your car to a reputed company for accident repairs.

Car Involved in a Road Accident? Few Car Repair And Maintenance Tips

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You will be surprised to know that millions of car accidents occur every year all across the UK. If your car has also been involved in a road accident recently, you also have to deal with the insurance work and visit a car repair shop to get the damages checked. They will take care of all the minor and major issues and do the necessary repairs.

Though there are numerous car repair shops scattered all over Epsom, it is always advisable to visit someone reputed. The mechanics should have years of industry presence as some of the issues and damages can’t be noticed immediately after the crash. If you want to bring back your car on the road in top condition, there are a few car repairs and maintenance tips you should definitely follow.

3 Tips To Follow When Repairing Your Car After An Accident

1. Document The Damage

If you were in the car when the accident took place, the first thing you should if you are injured is to visit a doctor. Shift your focus to the car only if you feel fine. Whether the vehicle has suffered minor or major damages, make sure you take pictures of all the visible injuries. Don’t ignore the small scratches and dents as they can be of great help if you ever file a court case or an insurance claim.

2. Choose A Reliable Repair Shop

Instead of choosing a random car repair shop near the accident site, do some research and look for one with years of industry presence. There should be certified mechanics who can offer a warranty on their repair work. Gather written estimates from a few car repair shops offering accident repairs in Epsom and compare the costs. PP Coachworks is one of the few repair shops with unbiased online reviews.

3. Inspect The Car

It is not just about the damages on the car body, you should also ask the mechanic for a full inspection of your car. Not only should they take care of the apparent damages but also look for hidden issues below the hood. The objective is to prevent the injuries from becoming worse and compromising your safety on the road. The mechanic will give you a list of all the repair work the car needs before they start working on those.

Make sure you follow the tips stated above if your car ever gets involved in a road accident.

3 Signs You Should Choose Another Garage For Car Body Repairs

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Since there are numerous companies offering car body repairs scattered all over Ewell, choosing someone reliable often becomes a daunting task for car owners. Though every garage will claim to be the best in the industry, not all have the necessary experience and expertise. Instead of choosing a random company offering the service, do some online research.

Even if you have a tight budget, make sure you don’t hire a mechanic quoting the lowest price. You own an expensive car and only an expert should deal with it. If you ever feel that the company you have approached for car body repairs is not capable, approach a more experienced company for a second opinion.

3 Warning Signs You Should Approach A New Garage For Car Body Repairs

1. They Are Charging A Very High Price

Though car body repair services are a bit higher than minor car repairs, it does not necessarily mean that it will punch a hole in your pocket. Even if you are in a hurry to repair your car body, don’t choose a mechanic quoting a high price for repairs. It is quite normal for old cars to generate odd sounds at times, even if they don’t require extensive repair work. The car mechanic should quote a price after considering the make, model and condition of your car.

2. They Are Suggesting Major Car Part Replacement

One of the primary reasons why car owners look for car body repairs in Ewell instead of buying a new car is because they want to save money. Is the garage you have approached for car repair is asking you to replace all the major car parts? It is a warning sign that you should approach a more reliable garage. PP Coachworks has experienced mechanics. They know how to assess the source of a problem and will not ask you to replace the car parts unless necessary.

3. Repair Cost Is More Than The Value Of Your Car

Do some research on the current appraised value of your vehicle and if you notice that the car body repair costs are more, it’s time to approach a more experienced auto professional. They should be honest with you upfront and give you a breakdown of the amount quoted by them.

Since you are now aware of the common signs indicating that you should approach a more reliable garage for car body repairs, it’s time you start looking for one.

Common Types of Car Body Repairs – What Services You Can Obtain

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When a garage claim to offer car body repairs in Leatherhead, you should know exactly what types of services they provide to their clients. The body of your car needs equal attention and care like the inner parts of the same. The experts of car body repairs take special care of the body of the vehicle and ensure its flawless appearance.

There are different reasons for which the body of the car may get damaged. It can be the hailstorm, accident, age or any other reason which may make the body of the car look dull and unsightly. You need to repair it to give your car a brand new look.

Let’s see what the common types of car body repairs are.

1. Dent Repair

This is one of the most common types of body repair job for which you need to go to the mechanics. Dent is a common problem for every car. It can be an accident or a hailstorm for which your car may have dents on its body. You need to remove it as soon as possible. There are different methods that can be applied to fix the dent. Apart from paintless dent repair, there are techniques where body filter putty is used to fix the dent. Apart from that, there are other options where tools are used. In such cases, repainting is necessary after fixing the dent.

2. Replacement of the Body Panel

If there are several dents and damages on the car body, the simplest way is to replace the complete body panel. This may include a bumper replacement, door replacement, fender replacement, trunk lid replacement hood replacement, and other body panel replacement.

3. Auto Painting for Colour Match

If your car’s body seems discoloured due to the regular wear and tear or the age, then you need to repaint some of the parts of the same to match the colour. In case the body of the car has damage in certain areas, then also you can have auto painting for colour matching to get a refreshed look.

4. PDR

In several cases, the car may need paintless dent repair. If the accident cause dents on the body of your car but the paint is still intact, then you just need to fix the dent and do not need to repaint the car. In such cases, the experts will suggest you for PDR or paintless dent repair.

5. Frame Repair

The frame damage is a common issue after every car accident. The frame of the car gets the maximum damage due to accidents, and you need to fix it. The frame of the car supports the engine as well as the other major automobile components. Hence, it is required to keep the frame in proper shape and position.

When you bring your car to PP Coachworks for car body repairs, we provide you with complete support at a competitive price. Give us a call to fulfil all your requirements.

Car Body Repairs – Why Go for the Expert Service

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Car servicing and maintenance not only ensure the good health of the vehicle, but it also required to feel safe while driving the car. When you take your car to the nearest garage for servicing, they will offer you a range of services. However, apart from these regular and periodic car maintenance services, you need something more specific. For authentic and reliable car body repairs in Leatherhead, you should look for the expert service providers only.

Reasons for Choosing the Authentic Service Providers

1. Trained Staffs

These stores have trained and skilled staffs who can take good care of your car. No matter what the issue is, these experts can offer complete repair of the car body without any hassle. Their training will help them to work on all types of cars irrespective of model and make.

2. High-Class Services

No matter what type of repairing your car needs; you can expect to have the high-class services from these experts. Most of these top garages offer guaranteed services. They also provide their clients with fully insured services for their cars which prove the high standard of their services.

3. Fast Service

You may need to get the repair done within one or two days because you cannot leave your car in the garage for a long time. People who need the car every day look for the fastest car body repair service providers. When you go to an experienced and reputed garage, they will offer you faster service than an average service provider.

4. Original Parts

While repairing the car body, replacement of some parts may be required in some cases. The expert mechanics will let you know about this. You can be sure about the authenticity and originality of the parts they will use for your car. They will never use any duplicate parts to repair and replace the cars. This will enhance the overall lifespan of your vehicle.

5. Wide Range of Services

From dent repair to scratches repair and from repainting to repairing the major body damage – these car mechanics are available for a wide range of services. If you need to repair the body of your car after a terrible accident, then nothing would be better than giving these experts a call. On the other hand, if you see dents on your car body after a hailstorm, then also go to them to find the right assistance.

6. Additional Services

Many garages also offer additional services along with car body repairs. They offer accident repair services, emergency car repair service, MOT, etc. That means you can obtain different types of services for your car under one roof when you find out such a service centre in Leatherhead.

PP Coachworks is one such company. We offer insured and authentic car body repairs in Leatherhead. All our experts are well trained, certified and insured. We use the original parts. Our pricing is also competitive. For more information, please get in touch with us.

Know Why Immediate Accident Repair Services Are So Important

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Have you ever noticed cars on the road with damaged hoods, fenders or side panels? It generally occurs if the vehicle has been involved in an accident and the owner failed to take it to a garage offering accident repair services. Even a minor scratch or dent can have a negative impact on the appeal and value of your car. If you ever feel that your car needs bodywork repair, take it to a garage immediately. The importance of immediate auto body repair services can never be ignored.

4 Benefits Offered By Immediate Auto Repairs In Epsom

1. Ensure Your Safety

Even a minor collision can impact the structural integrity of your car. There are even high chances for the critical safety components of your car to get damaged, like the airbags. If you want to ensure your safety, take your car to a reputed garage for full inspection if it has been involved in an accident. Mechanics offering accident repairs in Epsom will let your know the car parts which require repair and the ones which require replacement.

2. Prevent Further Damages

It is not just about the dents and scratches on your car body, a collision might also impact your car’s transmission, steering, brakes or exhaust system. Since some of the damages might not be visible to you, visit a garage for immediate accident repair services if you want to avoid any further damages. The mechanic will conduct a thorough inspection of your car to identify all the hidden damages.

3. Maintain Your Car’s Value

There are high chances for the resale value of your car to deteriorate drastically if it has been involved in an accident. The easiest way you can retain some of its value is by repairing the damages immediately. It is your responsibility to retain the value of your car even if you are not planning to sell it immediately.

3. Keep Your Car In A Working Condition

Your car might stop working if it has been involved in an accident recently. For car owners, moving around the town without their cars is indeed a challenge. You can overcome this struggle by scheduling the repair work immediately by visiting PP Coachworks. The sooner you take your car for repair after an accident, the sooner you can bring it back on the road.

Since there are so many benefits of immediate auto repairs, make sure you take your car to a reputed garage without any delay.

Common Car Parts Generally Replaced During Car Servicing

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The process how modern cars are designed and manufactured has become quite advanced nowadays. The focus of the manufacturers is on making your cars stay longer on the road. Gone are the days when you had to replace your cars frequently. Now there are numerous garages scattered all over Ewell where you can take your car for servicing and repair. The mechanic will perform some basic maintenance work to ensure that your vehicle is running smoothly and safely.

Servicing Your Car? Few Car Parts You Might Have To Replace


If you think that changing your car oil after every 3 to 6 months or after your car has run 3000 to 5000 miles is sufficient, it’s high time you debunk the myth. Just like the oil, your oil filter also requires replacement at fixed intervals. Oil is responsible for lubricating the vehicle’s engine and absorb excess heat, while the oil filter helps in removing dust and debris from the oil. The objective is to prevent the contaminants from reaching the engine and damaging it.

Wiper Blades

You can ensure the safety of drivers by helping them get a clear view of the road ahead irrespective of the time of the day. A clear view becomes more necessary during inclement weather. Professionals offering car servicing in Ewell generally advise car owners to change the windshield wipers after every six months. The objective is to make your car ready to handle the various elements of Mother Nature. Damaged wipers can compromise your safety while driving so make sure you replace it during car body repairs in Ewell.


The importance of your car battery can never be neglected. Whether you own an expensive SUV or a sporty sedan, inspect the battery at a fixed interval to ensure that it can power your car down the road. Two primary tasks of the battery are to power the electrical system of your car and help in the ignition process. Generally, they last for around 3 to 5 years but it is dependent on your driving habits. One of the common signs indicating that you have to replace the battery is when you notice that it is taking a long time for your car to start than it generally does.

Spark Plugs

If you want your car to run at peak condition for a more extended period, take it to a reputed garage like PP Coachworks at fixed intervals for servicing. They will inspect all the vital car parts, including the spark plugs. Once they become fouled or damaged, few issues which might crop up are slow acceleration, poor gas mileage and trouble starting your car engine. If you are using a modern car, you can expect them to last for around 80000 to 100000 miles.

Since you are now aware of the common car parts generally replaced during car servicing, it’s time you take to your vehicle to a reputed garage.